Why is everyone going crazy for hemp? Simple. Hemp is a perfectly wholesome, incredibly nutritious superfood, with a very long list of health benefits and nothing naughty or hallucinogenic about it. What other food can boost immunity, reduce blood glucose levels, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease, improve skin and hair, balance the gut and support a healthy diet?

Health experts all agree hemp is the best-kept health secret and should be part of a healthy, balanced diet! 
Ever since the laws changed in November 2017 and hemp was once again legal to consume in Australia, this wonder-ingredient has shaken off any seedy cannabis connotations and become the hottest superfood trend going around.  Healthy consumers are now embracing hemp foods, beverages and other consumable products which are now available everywhere, from the health food store to the local café, chemist and supermarket!

See you at the Health Hemp and Innovation Expo – May 18-19 Rosehill

Chill its legal

If you want to taste, touch and try all the newest hemp products available on the market, the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo is the place to be! Now in its fourth year, this leading health expo is being held at Sydney's Rosehill Gardens on Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 2019. This year's event promises the widest range of hemp food and beverages yet, including Hemp Oz.

What’s on at the Hemp Oz Exhibition Stand?

Hemp Oz will be offering free samples of its next level Hemp Oz Kombucha and showcasing all other products in its healthy hemp range including Australian Sparkling Hemp Oz Spring Water, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil and Hemp Protein Powder.

All Hemp Oz products are 100% organic, Australian grown and sustainably-produced. Hemp Oz products are available online, through 400 stockists nationally or you can purchase at the HHI expo!

Come and meet the team behind the innovative Hemp Oz products, try a free sample, try your chance at spin the wheel for the deal and learn how you can enjoy hemp every day.
The Symposium component of the Expo will bring to Sydney the world’s leading doctors, pharmacists, academics, research associates, authors and entrepreneurs for presentations, conversations and Q&A sessions around everything medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp, according to organisers. Other products on show include medicinal, fabrics, textiles, clothing, beauty products, building materials, health products, gardening and hydroponic equipment and more. 
Find out everything you need to know about this superfood hemp craze!

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