Hemp Oz Microbiologist

Hemp Oz is delighted to announce Kim Clerke, from Cultured Kimmy, is joining the Hemp Oz team as our resident gut health guru. As the excitement around kombucha reaches fever-pitch and the market explodes with different products, our expert will help everyone become a more discerning kombucha drinker and gut health connoisseur by learning how to spot the authentic, unpasteurised, probiotic-rich beverage from the rest.


“In every bottle of Hemp Oz Kombucha, millions of live microbes are ready and waiting to interact with your resident gut microbiota to create more diversity and a wider range of functions. These 100 trillion microbes (500 species) residing in your gut are quite miraculous and support many of the body’s key systems such as immunity, mood, brain activity and metabolism. While we are providing the microbes a home, they are providing us with additional enzymes, minerals and vitamins, assisting in digestion and our absorption of food, regulating hormones, controlling cravings, aiding in detoxification and preventing disease,” Kim explains.


SBS Medicine or Myth


As we discover more about the way the microbiome is central to a person’s overall health, Kim will bring her years of microbiology knowledge about this fascinating gut-body-brain-health connection.

Kim’s love and respect of microbes was awakened nearly 20 years ago. She has a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Applied Science and is a qualified integrative Health Coach. She understands first-hand the discomfort and symptoms of an unhealthy microbiota as well as the joy and better quality-of-life fermented foods can bring. After overcoming her own digestive issues (which she suffered from for most of her life) with traditional home-made foods, she was inspired to apply her expertise in teaching others to make their own fermented food to improve gut health.




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