The Real Deal

Hemp OZ Kombucha is a hand-crafted ancient brew that blends the gut-health powers of pro-biotic fermentation with the superfood benefits of hemp! Scientifically developed to boost your gut health, the live culture is only beneficial when unpasteurised and kept in a light-proof bottle. Unlike the rest, Hemp Oz Kombucha is the Real Deal. No added sugar or sweeteners.


The science behind Kombucha's health benefits

Our in-house microbiologist Kim Clerke is passionate about fermented foods and is an advocate for preventative health and using food as medicine.

Some kombucha brands contain no live culture at all! Especially the ones which have been pasteurised to make them shelf-stable. This means they are just expensive iced tea.

Kim explores and explains why Hemp Oz Kombucha is the real deal, and how important this living beverage is for good gut health.

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Oz Medicann – Granted Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research Licences.  


The Office of Drug Control (ODC has announced the approval of Oz Medicann Pty Ltd licence for both Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research. With these licences, Oz Medicann forges ahead with its evidence-based research across the whole cycle from seed to patient.  [Read More]

Featured on Today Tonight

After hemp was legalised for food in 2017, it  has quickly become a huge hit in Australia for health-conscious consumers.  Meet our founder John Leith, who created Australia's first hemp-infused water and kombucha. 

Hemp is a super-food and has been used as a food and medicine for thousands of years. 


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Preventing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

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Beating Type 2 Diabetes with Hemp Oz Kombucha

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How to craft your own Hemp Oz Kombucha

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Is the healing power of hemp medicine or myth?

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