Clinical trial upholds the remarkable health benefits of Hemp Oz Kombucha with positive, significant results for Type 2 Diabetes sufferers.

A drink combining hemp oil and kombucha has been found to be a promising potential treatment to manage Type 2 Diabetes, following a clinical trial conducted on the television series: Medicine or Myth? which aired nationally on Monday 1 July 2019. Hosted by journalist Jan Fran, Medicine or Myth? gives Australians the opportunity to pitch their home-made health treatments to a panel of medical experts, vying for selection for a real-world clinical trial. 



Key Findings

  • Clinical Trial recruited participants with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetic blood glucose levels across Australia in an independent scientific study
  • 75 per cent of participants reported improvement in their fasting blood sugar levels
  • 1.5mmol/L fasting blood sugar levels improvement
  • Around one in three (31 per cent) participants reported drastic results and completely resolved their diabetes symptoms
  • The creator of Hemp Oz Kombucha, John Leith subsequently partnered with researchers to further investigate the health benefits of his remarkable beverage

The potential of combining an on-trend drink with a much-misunderstood plant to create Hemp Kombucha was discovered by Sydney businessman, John Leith after this home-made drink reversed his symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

The expert medical panel, led by renowned Australian neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo, with Family and Women’s Health Expert, Dr Ginni Mansberg and Associate Professor in Immunology, Ashraful Haque, were equally enthusiastic about the potential of the hemp kombucha treatment, recommending it be put to a clinical trial.

After initial questions about the wonder ingredient, hemp, Dr Ginni Mansberg was particularly eager to put John’s drink to the test. “We have a tsunami of diabetes coming for Australians. Poorly controlled diabetes is a killer. We need to be getting diabetes rates down in this country, so something you can make in your kitchen is really exciting,” said Dr Mansberg.

Diabetes affects more than a million people in Australia and is the fastest growing chronic condition, eclipsing other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

The trial was conducted with multiple participants affected by Type 2 Diabetes, who each made and consumed the hemp kombucha every day for 7 days.

The results of the clinical trial were very promising. After drinking Hemp Kombucha every day for one week, three out of four (75 per cent) participants experienced astonishing results and dramatically improved fasting blood sugar levels. In fact, the improvement was 1.5mmol/L which could be significant enough to normalise a patient’s blood sugar levels below diabetic and pre-diabetic levels. One in three participants (31%) found drinking John’s Hemp Kombucha resolved their diabetes symptoms completely.

Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic condition where tight blood glucose and blood pressure control have been the mainstay treatment (American Diabetes Association, 2017).

The trial suggests further research over a longer period of time is warranted. “If we can reduce the blood sugar levels over a seven-day period, imagine what we could do over a longer period of time,” Dr Mansberg commented.

Professor Ashraful Haque agreed the drink deserved more research into the microbial composition and the role of probiotics. “The research community are understanding a lot more about how gut health impacts the health of the whole body. It may be that introducing bacteria has a beneficial effect.”

A growing body of research suggests the combination of probiotics (found in fresh unpasteurised kombucha) and the compounds of hemp are beneficial for symptoms associated with diabetes, indicating a possible synergistic mechanism to explain why Leith’s recipe works.

One study identified Hempseed Protein had significant anti-hypertensive effects and could lower blood pressure more effectively than a commonly prescribed drug (Girgih, Udenigwe, Li, Adebiyi & Aluko, 2010) . Results in animal studies and several short-term randomised controlled trials have shown the benefit of prebiotics and probiotics on insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and glucose tolerance (Musso et al., 2010) . A recent systematic review and meta-analysis have also supported the role of probiotics in managing diabetes (Razmpoosh et al., 2016; Yao et al., 2016) .

Inspired to help others experience similar health outcomes, Leith has since commercialised his recipe and sells his innovative beverage under the brand Hemp Oz Kombucha, as make-at-home kits and ready-to-drink 330ml bottles.

“When I discovered the life-changing combination of pure, unpasteurised kombucha and hemp, it was only natural to want to spread it around,” explained Leith.

Speaking on the program after hearing the results for the first time, Leith said, “I’m delighted to hear that other people have benefited from it. To know that people can have access to something cost-effective and available to everyone makes me very happy.”

“Hemp Oz Kombucha now has some scientific backing and it goes from something that was anecdotal, to a fact.”

“This result is exciting for the medical community and the scientific research community, as we can now put more science behind it,” added Dr Charlie Teo.

Following the SBS series, Leith is investing in further research and partnering with leading scientists to establish a wider body of evidence.