About Us

Hemp Oz founder and social entrepreneur, John Leith admits he never imagined himself crafting Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha health drink. The Hemp Oz story began when John was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He set a course for healthy living, ditching the sugary drinks.

Around the same time, Hemp was legalised again (in November 2017) after 83 years of prohibition, putting this amazing super-food ingredient back on the menu!

With advice from health professionals, John crafted his own Kombucha with hemp oil infusion, and realised the synergistic health benefits for his health. Blending the gut-health benefits of Kombucha with the complete nutritional package of hemp oil, John discovered that his homebrew was a next level health drink.  

Who could believe a drink with a delicious crisp flavour could be so healthy? After drinking his kombucha every day, his health improved dramatically, and all the symptoms of his Type 2 Diabetes disappeared. The doctors were stunned. John was inspired.

Today, Hemp Oz is proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, sourcing only local premium organic ingredients and producing wholly sustainable products, including the famous Hemp Oz Kombucha, Sparkling Hemp-infused Spring Water, Hemp seeds, Protein Powder and Hemp oil.

Now every Australian can enjoy the of Hemp Oz’ premium products that are great for your health, without the high! Chill, it’s legal.

Sugar’s out. Hemp’s in and it’s all health, no high. Who’s not up for that?

Want to try it for yourself? Health-conscious consumers can find the Hemp Oz range of hemp food, beverages and oils through a national network of distributors and stockists. Click here to find out more.

Sugar's out. Hemp's in. Who's not up for that?

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