About Us

Hemp Oz came from humble beginnings as a homebrew kombucha to a premium global award winning functional health foods and wellness brand.

The creation of the multi-functional brew emerged from the need for natural, alternative medicines to traditional treatments for Type 2 Diabetes, and was empowered by the legalisation of Hemp (in November 2017) after 83 years of prohibition, putting this vital superfood back on the menu!

A deep curiosity to be inspired by nature and create products backed by scientific evidence lead to the cultivation of our Kombucha. With advice and guidance of health professionals, we were able to combine the gut-health benefits of kombucha with the complete nutritional super-package of hemp oil to create this superpowered healthy beverage.

To Doctors' surprise, John Leith, our founder who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, found that the diabetes disappeared after drinking his Hemp Kombucha every day for five weeks.

This inspired the creation of Hemp Oz to help others in this position. Since this, our Hemp Kombucha , which is packed with 39 billion live probiotics has undergone early stage clinical trials and has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and reduce the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, as seen on Medicine and Myth (Season , Episode 7)

Since it’s founding we at Hemp Oz believe that there’s a better way to make consumable products in designing them with added functionality and performance to elevate the everyday experience, using all-natural ingredients and a raw (cheeky but nice) personality.

Today, every Australian can now enjoy the benefit of hemp products! Hemp is full of natural goodness and is our speciality – from CBD (cannabinoid) beverages to consumables and therapeutic products.

Any member of the health-conscious community can find our range of food, beverages and oils through a national network of distributors and stockists. Try it! We know you want to!

Sugar's out. Hemp's in.

We are proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated. Local organic ingredients are sourced to produce wholly sustainable products, including; our Hemp Oz Kombucha, Sparkling Hemp-Infused Spring Water, Hemp Seeds, Protein Powder, Hemp Oil and a range of functional teas.