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Hemp Oz Tea Goes Totally Green

Here at Hemp Oz, we love our planet! Because of this we want to look after it and live in harmony with it. We strongly believe change starts with each of us, and as a company we want to actively be part of the positive change, which requires us to look for innovative ways to develop our products, minimise waste and embrace nature to deliver a sustainable future.

Australian households throw away 2.5 million tonnes of edible food each year – that equates to nearly 300 kilograms per person! With the average Australian household sending roughly 4.9 kilograms of food waste to landfill each week. In addition, Australians throw away around 1.9 million tonnes of packaging each year – enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over. 

Packaging not only takes a lot of energy, water and other natural resources to produce, but the  waste from it pollutes our air, water and soil, which has a devastating impact on our environment.

As individuals we often look to the statistics on food wastage and wonder how we can be part of the positive change. At Hemp Oz, we do more than wonder, we take action so that we can be the change we want to see.

Our Environmental program and commitment to a sustainable future drives our desire to find alternatives to traditional packaging as a means of minimising waste.

Over the past couple of months we have been looking at alternative packaging solutions for our packaged products and are excited to finally launch our new plant-based packaging for our soothing tea range! Yes, you heard right - Plant based… as in 100% compostable!

Our New Hemp Soothing Tea packaging is made from post-consumer recycled cardboard which means old packaging gets a new life by recycling the already abundant amount of cardboard produced in the world today. As a result the amount of plantation timber being harvested is also reduced! To ensure that our boxes are good for the planet and can be effectively recycled or composted the boxes are not bleached and only use vegetable-based inks and veneers in the printing process.

Even our inner cello liners that hold our teas are made from a plant based cellophane material. This is not a fossil fuel based polypropylene (as is often used with food packaging.) These too are compostable which means that the entire box will break down in your home compost within a few months.

We are excited that our new tea range is totally green. Our tea blends bring you the best natural herbal remedies that nature has to offer and now the packaging brings you the kindest and safest alternative for the planet.

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