A Hemp Oz Kombucha A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Winter is coming. And with it, our collective foreboding dread about the annual flu season. Experts are already warning that this year could be the worst in recent memory, as GPs report patients presenting with symptoms much earlier than expected. When the 2017 season led to 1,255 deaths, the worst in Australia for 20 years, this year’s prediction is a pretty scary prospect.

Many people get a flu shot as a precaution, but this doesn’t provide guaranteed protection against all strains and generally only reduces your risk by 60 per cent.  

When we get the flu, most of us need a few days on the couch feeling miserable. Others soldier on dosed up on cold and flu tablets, no doubt spreading delightful germs far and wide. Neither option is all that appealing.

So, is there a more effective way to boost our body’s natural defence systems and combat the flu in a more natural, holistic way?  

There is: a daily dose of Hemp Oz Kombucha.

Beautifully bubbly and refreshing, Kombucha is packed with gut-loving probiotics, particularly the raw or unpasteurized kind, such as Hemp Oz Kombucha. These probiotics are the “good” type of bacteria which can help your body in many beneficial ways – detoxing, cleansing and even fighting disease. When you introduce beneficial bacteria into your gut, your body responds with a healthy, well-balanced microbiome, and a killer immune system.

A healthy gut means a healthy immune system

Aside from simply digesting what we eat and drink, the gut is the ‘brain of the body’ and is vital for keeping other body systems functioning optimally – from our immune system, heart health, brain health, mental health, sleep, appetite, weight management and more. Caring for your gut means improving how you feel in both body and mind.

Each of us has millions of bacteria living in our gut. Our gut also contains around 80 per cent of our body’s immune cells.

Keeping the gut healthy means feeding it the right types of foods and drinks – food rich in prebiotics (found in dietary fibre in vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains) and probiotics (found in yoghurt, kimchi and Kombucha).

When you add in the superfood hemp to your Kombucha, things start to really get interesting in the gut health department. Hemp seeds contain the gut-cleansing and re-balancing wonder-ingredient – dietary fibre. Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids (healthy fats and proteins) that are the building blocks of a healthy immune system.


Make Hemp Oz Kombucha your new daily habit

When you to feel the effects of flu coming on, it's probably too late to start eating right, getting rest and taking vitamins needed to get better.

The best way to fight the flu is with proactive, daily habits – in other words, building a healthy body before you get sick. This means you need the power of foods, especially whole foods and fermented ones, every day.

The evidence is stacking up to suggest that a daily glass (or more) of Hemp Oz Kombucha can make a huge positive difference to the health of your gut, helping you to reduce the risk of chronic disease and boost your immunity as winter approaches!

Did you know you can make your own Hemp Oz Kombucha at home with our starter pack?





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