Not All Kombucha Is Created Equal

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If you’re new to the Kombucha craze (and have been wondering what all the fuss has been about), Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made with SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). It's a probiotic drink with millions of gut-friendly bacteria, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols.

Kombucha, when raw and unpasteurised, is rich in probiotics — the healthy gut bacteria associated with heart health, lower rates of anxiety and depression, fewer yeast infections, weight management, boosted immunity, and improved digestive health.

Research dating back to 1929 found kombucha can decrease blood sugar levels. A more recent study ( in diabetic rats found that kombucha slowed down the digestion of carbs, which reduced blood sugar levels. It also improved liver and kidney function.

It is delicious, effervescent, and refreshing. But while all Kombucha starts with SCOBY and tea, that’s often where the similarities end. Different ingredients and manufacturing processes result in very different beverages. While it may say Kombucha on the label, not all Kombucha are of similar quality and health benefit.

There are currently many Kombucha drinks on the market, so if you’re serious about healthy drinking, you should know what you’re getting.
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Is Your “Healthy” Drink Highly-Processed and Loaded With Sugar?

You may be surprised to learn that not all Kombucha is crafted naturally. Also, some bottled Kombucha on the market contains high amounts of added sugar and sweeteners.

Are the Probiotics Alive?

Many bottled Kombucha sitting on supermarket shelves has been pasteurised to make them easier to store and transport.  Unfortunately, this process often kills off the live probiotic colonies inside the bottle so the probiotics loose their gut-health glory.


Kombucha Fermentation


Hemp Oz Kombucha is Real Kombucha.

Every bottle of Hemp Oz kombucha is crafted the traditional way, unlike many highly-processed products. It is a fresh, unpasteurised drink, so you’ll always find it in a cold fridge.

We brew one batch at a time – this then goes straight into our bespoke black bottles. The choice of a black bottle is not a packaging gimmick. Light and heat can damage or even kill the live probiotics, so being chilled and in a dark bottle protects the bacteria all the way from us to you.  

Hemp Oz Kombucha has zero added sugar and is made from 100% Australian, organic botanicals. Unlike other Kombucha on the market, we don’t add sugar after the fermentation process, so the taste is crisp and refreshing rather than sweet.

It’s true— a small amount of cane sugar is added to feed the SCOBY as part of the fermentation process. But that’s because those healthy probiotic bacteria feed on sugar. As the brew ferments, the sugar is ingested and converted to more beneficial bacteria. Virtually all original sugar has been “eaten” to create the final product, which has zero added sugar, but maximum taste.

To take Hemp Oz Kombucha to the next level we add a healthy boost of Hemp Oil which enhances the flavour and health benefits.  Hemp oil is also sensitive to light and heat, so all the more reason to store this health drink in a dark, cold place. 

So next time you raise a glass of Kombucha, ask yourself:

Is my kombucha real or processed (made from a concentrate)?

Is there added sugar in my Kombucha?

Has my kombucha been pasteurised and stored at room temperature, killing the healthy probiotics?

Is my kombucha exposed to light in a clear glass bottle?

If you’re drinking Hemp Oz Kombucha you can be confident it’s 100% real, all-natural, organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, raw, unpasteurised, and all the healthy probiotics inside are alive and happy to deliver all the health benefits you’re looking for.

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