Industry Insiders: The BIG appeal of Hemp Oz Kombucha 

Health Kombucha

Sugar’s out and all-natural health is in. That’s the message consumers are telling retail food outlets, every time they choose healthier beverages over sugar-laden soft drinks.

The kombucha craze has proven to be more than a passing trend, and it is a regular in drinks fridges and on menus everywhere. Australia’s have definitely developed a taste for the fizzy fermented tea that gives their gut health a boost. The Kombucha movement is here to stay.

So too, Hemp, once a controversial plant, is fast becoming the hottest superfood trend, rapidly expanding its appeal beyond just the alternative-health gurus to every-day consumers.

When Hemp Oz crafted Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha, many wholesalers, retailers and cafes were quick to spot that a drink blending the two hottest health trends in one would give them an uber-trendy edge.

What the Industry Experts Say About the Popularity of Hemp Oz Kombucha:

Linda Rosina from Eco Farms, Australia’s leading Wholesaler of Certified Organic and Natural food, said she immediately saw the appeal of Hemp Oz Kombucha.   

“There’s a buzz around both Hemp and Kombucha, so when we first were introduced to Hemp Oz Kombucha, we thought ‘it’s a winner’! We were chuffed to include this hot new product in our range.”

“When we introduced this product to our customers, everyone has the same reaction: It’s Really COOL! It’s cool because it’s hemp; It’s cool because it’s healthy. It’s cool because it’s not your average Kombucha. It stands out!”

Linda believes Hemp Oz Kombucha’s signature black bottle isn’t just a smart way to protect the probiotics. It gives it a stylish, contemporary look, to appeal to a more mainstream audience.  “The black bottle really sets it apart in the market and positions it as a premium product.”

The taste is really drawing a crowd too. “We have the Hemp Oz Kombucha in our Homebush retail store, and we are finding we need to refill the fridge constantly! People come from all over Sydney to buy it too.”

“It’s a great alternative to alcoholic drinks and sugary soft drinks. I predict Hemp Oz Kombucha will be a firm fixture at future festivals, cafes and events – as a hip, non-alcoholic alternative to bottled water.”

The appetite for hemp is no surprise to Linda. “The community’s understanding of hemp is slowly improving since it was legalised as a food in Australia back in 2017. Demand from consumers is growing and many stores are expanding their range of hemp foods and beverages to meet this demand.”

Linda is a strong supporter of further education about the once-taboo superfood. “Years ago, we needed to educate consumers about the importance of ‘certified organic’, but most people now understand why organic is better for them and the planet. In the same way, people will be happy to embrace hemp when they learn it is 100% healthy, very sustainable and has zero chance of any ‘high’ from THC chemicals found in other species of the plant.”


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