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Health conscious, well-being addicts and even gourmands, you’ve been wondering how to make your smashed avo better? We’ve got the answer, add some hemp seeds!

Since its legalization in the Australian market, the superfood hemp has seduced the down under population.

Sprinkle the seeds in your meal, your breakfast, your porridge, into your smoothie bowl, your yoghurt and berries or just a simple dash of hemp oil in your salad dressing. The possibilities are endless to consume the miracle product.

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw or paired with regular product such as cereals, snack food, muesli bars or granola.

Whether they are sweet or savoury dishes, using hemp seeds or oil with it will only improve your meal.

High in protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Hemp is one of the best superfoods designed by mother nature.

Due to its nutritious properties, hemp is a great complement for vegetarians and vegans bringing them their daily intake of protein, omega 3/6 and fatty acids.

Whether you consume it in its seeds or oil, here are 7 hemp benefits:


  1. Helps Digestion

Hemp as a superfood contains 9 essential amino acids and approximately 30% of protein, including a unique protein called Edestin which facilitates the digestion. Hemp is also hypoallergenic; it doesn’t cause any intolerance or irritation. Hemp seeds or oil is then safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding women, children or even animals.

The seeds are also rich in fibre which bring short and long term effects on the body. A diet rich in fibre help to reduce the frequency of constipation and stomach aches in the short-term. At the opposite end, over a long-term period, hemp seeds can keep your digestive tract clean which can reduce weight gain or diabetes.


  1. Combat inflammation

Inflammation appears as natural response from our body to indicate an injury. It usually results in a red, hot and swollen part of our anatomy (eg. when you knock your pinkie toe). Even though inflammations are part of the healing process whilst being injured, it can become a serious issue if it chronically develops. Conditions such as arthritis, polyarthritis and the like result in severe and painful inflammation.

By its perfect omega 3 and 6 ratio (3:1), hemp seeds or oil can reduce inflammation. Hemp is also a good source of GLA (Gamma Linoleic acid) a good fatty acid. The body then converts the GLA to substances that reduce inflammation and cell growth.

The GLA also helps with hormone health and menopause symptoms.


  1. Lower cholesterol

Having high cholesterol levels is never a good thing, it can increase among others the risk of stroke and heart attacks. The good fats present in hemp not only combat inflammation, the polyunsaturated fatty acids help to lower our bad cholesterol and elevate the good ones in our bodies.

The Omega 3 and 6 present in hemp also lower cholesterol. Omegas, accelerate the metabolism system processes which burns the fat as a quicker pace  and does not have the time to deposit on the artery walls.

The plant is also rich in phytosterols, a plant sterol that are cholesterol fighting.


  1. Can reduce diabetes

Hemp benefits do not stop, the product is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates and low in sodium. A perfect product for diabetes as hemp can help to moderate blood sugar levels.

Diabetes (especially type 2) often the result of lifestyle factors such as a poor diet (highly processed food, sugar, fast food) and a lack of exercise. Diabetes can significantly increase the risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases. By switching to a healthy and plant-based diet such as hemp, diabetes can regulate blood sugar and prevent further spikes.


  1. Regenerates & Energizes the body

Hemp seed or oil is not only good for your internal body but also for the external part. Due to its omega 3 and 6, hemp contributes to a healthier skin. Hemp is extremely beneficial for dry, dehydrated and tired skin. By its component hemp increases the skin elasticity and reduce its dryness and itchiness. Hemp products are also improving dry hair and strengthening nails.

The plant also produces chlorophyll that deodorise the body internally.


  1. Can prevent psoriasis

Hemp seeds or oil have proved their efficiency on dry hair or skin, yet the plant can go even further and help to reduce certain skin disease such as psoriasis or eczema.

Psoriasis is due to a deficit of omega 6, due to its high percentage in omega 3 and 6, hemp helps to improve skin oxygenation and hydration.


  1. Prevent varicose veins

The omega 3 present in the plant helps to thin your blood. For people suffering from varicose veins, hemp can be a natural alternative in order to reduce the clots. Indeed, hemp seeds or oil will reduce blood clots and varicose veins.


  1. Boost your general immune system.

Hemp seeds or oil contains a lot of components beneficial to every part of your body.

The omega fatty acids included in hemp seeds help to reinforce cells and aid them in fighting off germs and viruses. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, hemp will better prepare you to fight winter diseases such as the very contagious cold or flu.

So what are you waiting for? Try it today!



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