Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)

Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)

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Pre-Order - Get ready to get your Hemp on!

You’ve guessed it the interest in Hemp Oz Kombucha has been so overwhelming that our stocks of the bottled Kombucha drink have run out!!   But don’t worry our next batch is nearly ready (like all good things it is definitely worth waiting for).  We want everyone to enjoy the health benefits of our Kombucha so we are taking pre-orders for our new batch.  To thank you for your patience we are offering all pre-orders a 20% discount of the case price, just use the code newbatch20% at checkout to apply the discount and we guarantee that your order will be dispatched by the end of the month. Of course, if you can’t wait - you can always order a Hemp Oz Starter Kit and brew your own.


Our Hemp OZ Kombucha is a hand-crafted ancient brew that blends the gut-health powers of fermentation with the wellness benefits of a live probiotic! 

Scientifically developed to maximise a boost to your gut health, the live culture is only beneficial when unpasteurised and kept in a light-proof bottle.

Unlike the rest, Hemp Oz Kombucha is the Real Deal. No added sugar or sweeteners.

Hemp Oz Hemp Kombucha is 100% Australian and it is Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha, setting the standards for low sugar health drinks worldwide and is brewed with water sourced exclusively from a naturally flowing Australian spring.

Hemp is rich in dietary fibre omega 3, 6, 9, iron, zinc, magnesium, & vitamins B and E. Hemp is a super-food with an amazing nutritional profile, keeping your whole body healthy. Containing all 9 essential amino acids, hemp helps to provide a harmonious balance of health.

To find cafes, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy our next level health drinks follow us on Instagram & Facebook. Cheers!

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