Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)
Hemp Oz

Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)

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Hemp OZ Kombucha is a hand-crafted ancient brew that blends the powers of fermentation with the wellness benefits of a live probiotic! Best of all there are no added sugar or sweeteners.

This full bodied functional beverage is packed with 39 billion live probiotics and the benefits of Hemp to boost gut health, improve immunity, reduce blood sugar levels and more.

Hemp Oz Kombucha is the real deal, as it contains 39 Billion live probiotics which are maximised when unpasteurised and kept in a light-proof bottle.

Not only is it 100% Australian, brewed with traditional methods, award winning, scientifically proven it is also Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha.

We are committed to setting the standards for low sugar functional health drinks worldwide.

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