Hemp Oz Kombucha is conquering the world - the fizzy drink has its everyday supporters already. At first, only adored by the healthier people, Hemp Oz Kombucha has now subjugated the general public. A guilt-free pleasure, suitable for every occasion.

Whether it's for a picnic, a casual lunch, or a more sophisticated dinner, Hemp Oz Kombucha will always find a place on the dining table.

This got us thinking, what food would you pair if the only drink was Hemp Oz Kombucha?

Hemp Oz challenged the chef David Kim to design a menu based around the botanical Kombucha - rather than the other way around.

In six years of being a chef, David Kim had a lot of challenges, worked in restaurants in two different countries: Korea and Australia. Yet, this is the first time he was asked to be a food sommelier.

"It was an interesting challenge pairing food with the drink and not the opposite. I love Hemp Kombucha, it’s botanical, fresh, and fizzy - a perfect pallet cleanser”

Kim’s inspirations come from places he had lived; an addict of seafood, Asian fusion, and traditional Australian cuisine.

"I wanted to create a menu with some non-traditional dishes and some classics that everyone loves."

Hemp enthusiast, David Kim also incorporated hemp seeds and hemp oil in this challenging menu.

“I enjoy using Hemp seeds in my cooking, it brings texture and taste to the dish”.

Hemp Oz Kombucha combines different flavours, the drink has a rich botanical taste with no vinegar after-taste. It combines perfectly with any kind of dish.

Do you want to try Hemp Oz Kombucha pairing at home? Here is chef Kim’s menu!


Octopus salad with Hemp mustard sauce.

Baked sliced octopus on the grill with butter accompanied with onion, beetroot, and a lemon zest. Finish with a honey, mustard, and hemp sauce.



Wagyu steak

A classic grilled Wagyu steak in a red wine jus with a side of rocket salad.



Hemp ice cream & waffle

A perfect combination between a soft but crunchy waffle with two scoops of hemp protein ice cream. Complete the dish with a drizzle of caramel & serve it up.


Food sommelier is the new challenge, try your own Hemp Kombucha pairing at home!


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